Here’s Nick. He never quite paid attention to what people said on a radio ad. or a podcast. And he did not pay more than 2 seconds of attention to hoarding on the road or banner on social media. But when he saw a video he couldn’t help but pay attention. Nick, could be your customer too. Needless to say why.

When you combine a moving visual with the sound it grasps people’s attention more strongly. And here’s 1, actually no. 1 way, to grab your viewers attention and get the message about your company across to your audience. That too, you do it without making it look and sound like advertising – invest in Corporate video production. Not only are they visually pleasing but also:

1. Shareable

You can send it out on e-mailer or any of the social media platforms and just watch as your audience shares it. Because if you’ve observed the recent pattern on social media, videos get shared the most compared to anything else.

2. Relatable

You know how to add a human touch to your video content? By making one speak in your video content. Watching another person speak about their experience only makes it more believable.

3. CTA

You can pack a punch into your video with a CTA. Because people actually respond better to a video CTA. The stronger the impact, the stronger the response you’d get.

4. Return on Investment

Video marketing is one investment from which you would expect the maximum return. In terms of views, engagements, sales and brand visibility. Like the Dove #LikeAGirl campaign. Result, their ROIs shot up like anything. A case study about the campaign records – 90 million views, 4.4 billion media impressions, 177k tweets in the 1st 3 months of the campaign, purchase intent by customers lifted by 50%. Perhaps, now you can completely understand why someone like Nick would automatically be attracted to video marketing, than any other marketing that you could invest in.

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