Time to take your construction management a notch higher. Now take full control of your project from anywhere across the globe. We’re here to help you manage your construction projects more effectively by enabling next-gen technological solutions.

Comparing footage between two different time settings
Time-lapse filming
Construction monitoring through Live streaming

What is Construction Communication?

Now enjoy remote site monitoring from anywhere in the world at just the click of a button. Construction communication solution not only allows you to monitor but also allows you to keep track of the progress from the start date, compare footage between two dates and document it.
The advantages of this solution are limitless, it saves you time and effort in managing multiple projects. And as the projects keep progressing, you can capture milestones on the go to showcase, archive or document them.

Solutions that Construction communication consists of:

Timelapse videos
Automated Camera units
Photographic Documentation
Promotional Films
Project Reporting
Live Streaming & monitoring Aerial photography

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