How Companies like Capgemini, Uber and HDFC Life Dynamically used Video Communication Strategy to Ace the Race against Pandemic.

As the COVID cases wreaked havoc in our nation, the entire economy is bound to face the impact. Certain companies not only took some noteworthy steps to get over the hues of pandemic but also used video communication to spread the word which helped their name scatter positive light. Keep reading to know how.

Videos to Educate Employees about the Company’s Initiative to Safeguard them

Capgemini realised that the world won’t be the same as their workplace faced the obstacles in contact tracing, COVID testing facility support and operational planning for their employees. Hence, it built operations that tackled these challenges by modular applications that could help in maintaining a safe work environment for their employees. Video communication was further used to educate the employees about the new safety guidelines. A short explanatory video was introduced to the company’s mobile and web application that helped their employees learn and adapt the smart quarantine standards at the workplace along with the HR quarantine support. It helped employees feel safer and this initiative was lauded across various media channels.

Video Campaigns that Spoke about Social Responsible Collaboration Grabbed Attention

Uber is one of top names that might cross your mind when we talk about brands being hit by the pandemic. But this multinational cab hailing company bounced back with the help of brilliant collaborations like Uber Medic. They helped healthcare workers transit to their workplace, and their means of subtle communication via simple videos created a huge impact to their brand image. They created videos thanking people for staying home. They also created videos on how they are planning to keep their passengers safe once the lockdown ends. Indeed, they were not meant to be forgotten, but their Initiatives earned them trust, which will be a great virtue to possess post lockdown.

Motivational Content helped to Boost Moral Reflecting Positive Trends in Sales

HDFC Life realised that the impact of lockdown could have manifested wrongfully in their client and employees mental health. In response to this, they came up with a music video Bounce Back which spoke about the importance of stepping back, reflecting and rekindling with loved ones.This helped in boosting employees morale which is the most important asset to the company.

Infotainment is the Most Effective means for Client Engagement in Social Media Platforms

Syngene International, a pharmaceutical giant while playing an important role to fight the pandemic didn’t forget to engage their clients. Since the pandemic started, the company actively created informative videos about their industry, impact of pandemic amidst common man and has constantly been holding webinars. They also created videos on the COVID testing and the safety measures they are undertaking for their employees. It helped them set a benchmark for the industry and reinforced the trust in their brand.

Communicating your Safety Guidelines to the Clients makes it Easier for them to Collaborate with you

We at Raasta Studios also set out to make a video in which the company speaks about the steps it took to protect its team and clients against pandemic. Social distancing in office spaces, ensuring that the team is equipped with face masks and personal protection gears in their outdoor schedules, sanitising the equipment before and after the shoot were described and illustrated in the video. It depicted the measures that the company imbibed to help anyone associated with the company .

Does your company have a story to share about how it has handled these unprecedented times? Be an inspiration and share your journey with your network, your competitors and employees.

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