Have you made a video for your business? Well, we have. Because obviously – video marketing company! Which means we passionately create a video and then, AND THEN!

Then comes the head-scratcher. Sending out this brainchild of ours into the busy and ever-changing world. So, if you can relate to this situation and want optimized video content? Here are all the ways of video content distribution. Worry not & let’s scroll below!

1. Reuse. Recycle

You’ve worked hard putting in all those bits of information into the video. Don’t let that get away so easily. Use those bits from the video in blogs about similar topics and social media posts. It can be something as detailed as an infographic that you’ve used in the video or a simple explanation of something. This helps because it makes your video more recallable.

2. ROI Heart is Where the Home is

Upload the videos on your own website. Not only will your website come across as more engaging to the audience but it will also start ranking higher and show better ROI. This is especially helpful for increasing the organic reach of your website. Because more people watching the video are more people coming to your website.

3. The Perks of the Digital Platform

Use the benefit of paid ads that every social media platform has to offer. This will ensure that the content that you create reaches the right audience. However, not every platform will do the magic for you. Some might work better than others for you. Here is where analytics come to your aid. Pay attention to the numbers!

4. Blogs & Keywords. Keywords & Blogs

Write a blog about the video. It can be about one video or the category the video falls under. Another benefit here is if your SEO game is strong and your blog ranks higher, your video too will get more views along with it and vise versa. That takes us to the next point.

5. Video SEO

This is especially effective for You tube marketers. Optimize your video content by including all the right keywords in their descriptions. Don’t worry as to how you would do that. There are various video SEO sites on the internet which will help you with the right keywords and analytics to rank higher.

6. Mails to the Whole Database

And last to be the least, don’t forget to include them in your emails. Once your video is up and ready, this ideally should be your 1st step.

Found these helpful? Nodded your head in agreement?
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Until the next blog, let’s keep that fire for videos burning!