Hey there,

Here’s a quick question,
What is the most significant driving factor for conversions?
The simple answer is the audience’s emotional connection with your brand.

And here’s a more detailed summary from global surveys:

  • Brands which are conceived to be thoughtful and adding to the quality of life, outperform the market by 134%
  • 81% consumers are drawn to brand’s loyalty or reward programs
  • A satisfied customer is likely to recommend the brand to 11 different people
  • 77% of customers said they remained loyal to a brand they loved for over 10 years
  • And the findings only keep bringing better news!

So how does one create this ‘connection’ with a brand? By building brand awareness.

And the best way to communicate about your brand is through videos. Because video content is proven to increase metrics, create better engagement, is viewed as a more transparent form of marketing thereby building trust and allowing you to narrate a holistic story of brand, products and services.

Now let’s look at the different formats of video that can be used for brand awareness:

1. Founder’s Story

As simple as it sounds, it is also the most effective way of adding a personality to your brand who’s story your audience would love to listen to, over the regular need based advertising.

2. A Journey Film

You can also take it a step further by letting your audience in on all the milestones of building your brand and giving them an opportunity to feel like they’ve been a part of your journey.

3. Product Films

Product films give you an opportunity to talk about the inception of your product, giving your audience a chance to really know its origin, intent and purpose.

4. Brand Films

Brand films weave the most intricate stories around the core values of your brand, powerfully conveying the value you add to the lives of your stakeholders.

5. Ads on Brand Awareness

These have a subtle way of saying the brand stands for without a hard hitting CTA. The end goal of these ads is subscriptions more than sales.

6. Branded Video

Making use of interesting concepts in a more engaging way of promoting your brand, products or services by positioning them in content you know your audience already consumes.

7. Testimonials

Testimonials are a way of building trust and social credit, as you get a real face from the audience to review and talk about you, you’re really giving them an opportunity to be an authentic ambassador of your brand.

As we leave you to ponder upon the various possibilities, remember that the key to creating impactful brand video starts with knowing who you are, who you want to talk to and what you want them to know about you.

And we’d love to help you craft your brand’s story with just as much thought and love, as you put into building a brand that’s worth it.