We recently had the opportunity to work with Evergent Technologies, for one of their corporate communications.

Evergent is one of the accomplished players in the subscription management industry servicing popular clients across the globe.

In September 2022, Evergent rebranded its visual design, launching a new website and redoing its workspace. As a part of this corporate communication, Raasta Studios was brought on board to capture the brand’s essence through a series of testimonials, culture, and founder videos.

These corporate videos were going to be published on the new website of Evergent Technologies. The employee testimonial videos were an effort to narrate the stories of some of the employees at Evergent and thereby the inspiring journey of Evergent.

We had, by then, executed a couple of videos for Evergent on a global scale and have gained a fair amount of understanding of the brand.

But for these series of videos to be shot in the Hyderabad office, the entire team had gone to the Hyderabad office for a recce, prior to the pre-production. We’d also had detailed conversations with employees from across departments and senioritis to try and narrow down the best stories to portray the values of the brand.

We were executing five videos focusing on the different aspects like growth, global exposure, strong inter and intra-team coordination, low attrition rate, and overall growth opportunities.

The team at Evergent had been extremely collaborative in finding the right stories for each of these videos.

We’d picked five different themes to convey the stories of eight employees, new beginnings, time, change, experience, and balance. We wanted to weave a narrative that’s both emotional and inspiring. Because each of these testimonial videos, we’re to be published on the career page of the Evergent website, to showcase to aspiring young professionals, the work culture at Evergent.

After an initial round of script drafts, we’d shot the entire schedule in three days. We captured the interviews of the eight employees and the b-rolls of them at work, in conversations with the team, and their daily responsibilities to capture the complete picture of working at Evergent.

Testimonials are one of the many corporate communications that really elevate the brand story through the employees. What better way to talk about the brand than through its employees.

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