Let’s start with understanding ‘branding’

Here’s the story you probably didn’t know;

The word branding comes from the ancient north german word, ‘brandr’ which means to burn, referring to the practice of burning a hot iron symbol on cattle, by the herdsmen. This practice of branding went on to be continued by farmers, artisans and factories to claim their products.

And today, branding has evolved far more than just naming.

“A Brand is not what you say it is, it’s what they say it is” Marty Neuimeier

It’s the gut feeling that person has when they think of you; that is your brand.

All the more reason to say that branding is what differentiates you from the rest.

Branding goes far beyond your name, logo or product. It is the practice of connecting with your audience on a much deeper level that just creates need and sells your product.

Think of Apple and Nike. These brands now enjoy the luxury of not using copy in their advertisements. A billboard of an image clicked on an iphone is enough to let the audience know that it’s an apple.

The logo of Nike is enough to make a person recall their proposition ‘just do it’. And this, they’re able to achieve because of years of effort into building the brand, educating people not just on the product but the need in the market, positioning themselves not just a product that’ll solve your need, but fits your personality, one that adds to your personal brand.

Now when it comes to businesses, to differentiate is to survive and to create a brand is to flourish, because the number one factor that influences 81% of sales is brand loyalty, that is from customers who know you and can endorse you.

So How do you Reach Out to them?

Well, it is not a surprise that video communication is the most effective marketing tool there is.

But unlike regular marketing videos, a brand film has more scope to communicate about your brand’s origin story, the journey, your core values and actually listen to what they have to say about you.

A brand film is less aggressive and more thoughtful towards what your consumers might actually like to hear from you.

A brand film helps to give your business an authentic voice and position you as a person your audience can interact with.

Be it communicating your founder’s story, CSR, work culture, employee testimonials, behind the scene stories or just promoting a cause close to your brand values, a brand film can present to your audience all these small details about you that make you their beloved brand.

A brand film also helps increase your customer retention rate and their by the customer life value.

And a brand film can weave the story of your brand like no other advertisement.

Want to know more about different kinds of films that can help communicate your brand story?

Well, stay tuned for the next blog post on the different branded videos.