Plum has been associated with Raasta studios, for their video production requirements for more than a year now but this was the first time we were working with the Plum hair care team to launch their very first Onion range products.

We were tasked with the job of creating three different cuts of product film for Onion range shampoo, a series of how-to-use videos for both shampoo and oil, and two different cuts of range videos.

It was a three-part challenge: introducing a completely new product in collaboration with a completely new team and differentiating the product from the numerous existing competitors.

As with every other video production project, our process started with bringing on board the best possible creative professionals, resources, and crew to shape the direction of this project. We had consciously decided to work with a female director, to bring in a fresh perspective as compared to our previous projects with Plum, for the skin care team.

Even while we were on-boarding the project, we’d done a thorough assessment of a number of brilliant profiles with interesting ideas and then brought together the art designer and stylist to compliment the vision of our director.

Now the key intention behind Plum launching this product was to cut across a wider target group since onion shampoos are typically considered to be massy products. So while we were preparing for the wider demography of the audience we also had to be sure of brand differentiation.

While it was essential to zero in the right message for the video, it went beyond just the words, it extended to finding the right model, one who would fit the girl-next-door image for Plum effortlessly, to representing all the key ingredients of the onion hair-care range very subtly, in line with the brand’s minimalistic tone.

So what sets this product apart from the rest of the onion shampoos on the market, is the infusion of biotin along with the onion extract. Now, we have to communicate this difference without being technical in the communication, and hence we’d decided to use the copy ‘not your basic onion shampoo’ and highlight, and explain the actual ingredients and their use in the visual language. We were also using a new color palette for Plum this time, inspired by the product packaging. The major plot of the video was to create a curiosity about how the product is different and so we used two characters in the video to set the context of how onion shampoos are known to reduce hair fall, but that’s just the beginning of the story in this case.

After which we went on to detail the product differentiation by introducing the key ingredients and talking about their role in haircare; How onion extract is rich in sulfur and promotes growth and biotin strengthens the hair keratin.

After we’d finalized the script, came the most critical part of the execution, planning and coordinating the production schedule to shoot for nine different deliverables in one day. Right from keeping a minimal list of shots, yet having a backup, planning the order of the shots in a way to reduce breaks for change in set-ups, costumes, and looks, and editing the rough cut of the video, during production so we can use any feedback from the editing team to correct the footage.

All of this to ensure a smooth transition into post-production, keeping the entire team on the same page right from the first cut.

While it had been a thoroughly exhausting journey right from the go, the end product is what we all derive our pride from.

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