We’ve been very fortunate the last couple of months, to try our hand at something new and extremely interesting.

Performance Videos

Effectively falling under the category of advertisements, performance videos however stand tall and apart from standard advertisements; In a simple sense that performance ads, especially videos, allow larger control over what content and format of the ad are consumed by which section of your audience.

Traditionally, standard ads have a “one message fits all’ approach, where one ad did the job of creating a need, introducing the product, and educating everyone on all features of the product, making it extremely difficult for the audience to really to get to the exclusive deals, that is if they’ve actually spotted the deal in the entire creative.

But more often than not, the sales pitch for a consumer is probably just one of the above-advertised points.

So how do you get the consumer to focus on that one USP of the product, that they have been researching for weeks to make a purchase?

Performance marketing.

Show them exactly the feature they want to know and route them directly to the cart with the product already added.
Now what role do videos play in performance marketing, you ask?
Well, by now the answer is pretty redundant, that compared to display and text ads-

  • Videos have higher impressions
  • Click rates
  • Conversions
  • Oh and with the added bonus of visually weaving the story of your brand.